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ESell - Etsy Clone


$999 USD




Etsy Clone - eSell

eSell allows to post unlimited number of products on the site by unlimited number of users. The eSell site owner can charge a fee from the users who sell products through the site. The admin panel monitors all the site activities and ensure proper functioning of the site.

The items are listed categorically on the site which has sub-categories providing you more options and help you find your product quickly. Buyers will find plenty of choices to shop conveniently. The shopkeepers can register with the site by completing the form or even use facebook account to login. The eSell site is also compatible for mobile platform which includes Android, iPhone, and iPad. Users can simply download the apps from the AppStore to browse the site through the mobile    .

Some notable features:

  • Multi-level category
  • Option to buy and sell products
  • Handmade, vintage, and supplies product
  • Social media share
  • Communities and blogs
  • Follow users
  • Unlimited stores, categories, section, products, users
  • Message directly to seller or buyer
  • Favorite list

The site is made very interactive as users can communicate with the product/service providers easily. The social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc are integrated with the website. Users can share their opinion about the products on social media. Blogs can be posted on the site.  Also, the user can watch the featured videos on the site.

Shopping via eSell is more interesting than turning through the pages of catalog. User can easily navigate through the site categories to find the product. He/she can choose to add the product into the cart for buying or mark them as favorites. The users can place their likes on product or follow them which can be useful for measuring the interest of the buyer on the product. .


Esell is an online marketplace where user is allowed to buy and sell products. All the products are listed categorically. The site can be searched easily with multi-level category option which optimizes the search to locate the needed products.

Anyone can quickly set up an online marketplace quickly with less efforts. The site also includes option for communities, events, and online videos which educates the user and guides them to use the site effectively. Blogs and forums are also included with the site. Registered users can be informed about the latest product arrival via newsletters.


 General features

  • Responsive design
  • Register/Sign in
  • Sign in using Facebook
  • Multi-options to search the site
  • Multi-level category
  • Unlimited products support
  • Unlimited user support
  • User can both buy and sell
  • Favorite list
  • Recent blogs
  • Form community of artists, collectors etc
  • Recently listed items
  • Social media share
  • Build shop
  • Search items and shops
  • Register for newsletter
  • Paypal payment integration
  • Stores can be closed and re-opened
  • Message from shop to customer
  • Messaging between members
  • Feedback option

Admin features

  • Manage users
  • Manage categories
  • Creating shops within few minutes
  • Personal and store profile details
  • Email template
  • Get gift ideas as newsletter
  • Multiple currency support
  • Product gallery with 5 images of product
  • Shipping information
  • Commission payment
  • Payment via credit card, paypal, check, bank transfer etc
  • Payment process via third party
  • Affiliate program
  • Follow users
  • Get activity updates of whom you are following
  • Marketplace owner is not direct recipient of payment
  • Mark products or page as favourite
  • Feedback system

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Front End


Admin back End


E-Mail: admin@technoduce.com

Password: admin


1. What is eSell script?
eSell script provides an instant site which allows for flexible buying and selling of products that are multi-level categorized

2. How can I shop easily in eSell site?
eSell allows different ways to find your favorite product. You can search products using categories, colors, treasury, shop local, shop search, people search, prototypes etc.

3. How can I search using categories?
All the products are placed below the relevant categories which makes it easier to locate products

4. How can I search using colors?
You can choose the color from array to view products in that color

5. How can I search using treasury?
The valuable treasury items are listed separately

6. How can I search using shop local?
One can enter the location like city or country name to view products from that area

7. How can I search using shop search?
Users can type the shop name to view products from that shop which are listed based on relevancy, most recent, or alphabetical order.

8. How can I search using people search?
One can search the site for particular user name to find people

9. How can I open a shop?
Register with the site using username and password or use Facebook login to create a shop in eSell site by providing relevant details

10. How can I get updates from the site?
Subscribe for newsletter option with the site to receive regular updates about the products featured on the site

11. What are communities?
Users with common interest get themselves introduced via forums or communities in the site on various topics

12. Is there any blogging option?
Yes. Blog option is available with the site where one can share their experience with a product

13. Is social media integrated with the site?
There are many social media integrated with the site such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, iTunes, RSS, Flicr etc

14. How can I sell products on site?
eSell script provides the most exciting site for selling because it is cost effective and at the same time have wider reach to audience. You have multiple categories like handmade, vintage etc which you can choose to post the product on the site with less fee

15. Can I access eSell site from mobile?
Obviously, you can download the relevant apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad from the site inorder to buy and sell products on the site using mobile.