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Fixfive - Fiverr Clone


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Fiverr Clone - Fixfive

FixFive script allows to build a microjob website that can sell jobs/gigs for fixed pricing. The site can be managed easily using the admin panel which has the ultimate rights to manage the various value associated with the site. Apart from regular login, Facebook login is also available. Social media is shared with the site which makes the site popular among users

The gigs are posted categorically which makes it easy for the users to search and find their particular need. FixFive helps to establish a business strongly with repeat customers.

Some notable features
Filter user based on  user type
Bulk email sending to users
Manage favorite products of users
Feedbacks and suggestions
Robustly manage money transaction
Manage social networking settings
FixFive is a complete package which allows for easily managing the revenues from the site such as noting the details of available fund for withdrawal, awaiting clearance, upcoming payments, already withdrawn, pending withdraw request, and total revered amount.

The site support multiple language customization. There is option to know the number of persons who have viewed the gigs which gets displayed below the gig description. When a product/service is selected, other similar/related gigs gets displayed. User can suggest gigs. All these features makes the script valuable for making an investment.


FixFive is the best microjob script to begin a business quickly as well as cost effectively. It allows to post gigs or jobs at fixed pricing which makes the FixFive unique in the market. All the gigs are listed categorically which makes it easier for finding the right gigs. User can also share the gigs on the Facebook, Twitter, or google plus. Auto posting of gigs on social media is possible. The increased number of visitors is directly proportional to the commission earned by the site on every sale.

FixFive provides goods return on investment (ROI).  The site is made attractive with free themes to retain the customers. Integration of payment gateway makes the site completely reliable for doing secured business..



General features

  • Multiple language support

  • 100% source code

  • Free installation

  • Auto listing of gigs

  • List the gigs categorically

  • Display gigs based on popularity

  • List gigs based on ratings

  • Show the featured gigs separately

  • Job/Gigs listing page

  • List the video gigs

  • Post new gigs on site

  • Search for particular gigs

  • Save favorite gig list

  • Suggest gigs or jobs

  • Seller account – manage jobs/gigs

  • Buyer account – purchases view, order tracking

  • Manage Wants/Suggested - jobs/gigs

  • Manage categories

  • Transaction history

  • Social media share

  • Facebook connect login

  • Option to contact seller

  • Invite friends

  • Site statistics (Day/Week/Month)

  • Price packs – Set multiple prices

  • Price mode setup (Fixed, user set or price packs)

  • User friendly CMS

  • Manage payments

  • Manage users

  • Mail trigger – Cron/Manually

  • Manage advertisements

  • RSS Feeds

  • Price packs – set multiple prices

  • Currency setup with 24 Paypal currencies

Admin features

  • Dashboard to view overall details

  • Manage site users list of logins

  • Manage user messages

  • Manage feedbacks and suggestion

  • List payment transaction and its status

  • List transaction related to each product

  • View payment transaction related to purchase order

  • Approve withdraw fund request

  • Add/edit/delete product categories

  • Manage email templates

  • Manage advertisement on site

  • Manage Paypal settings

  • Set values for site settings like language, theme, currency etc

  • Upload logo and favicon image

  • Include meta keywords and meta description

  • User settings preference

  • Set values related to product like price or commission

  • Cash withdraw settings like commission or transaction fee

  • SMTP mail settings

  • Social network settings

  • Social network account settings

  • Manage static page

  • Payment transaction log

  • Mass payment transaction log


Demo Url

Front End


Admin back End


E-Mail: fixfivetechnoduce@gmail.com

Password: technoduce2013


1. What are gigs?
Gigs are micro jobs or simple jobs that can either product or service which are provided for fixed price

2. How can I add gigs?
Gigs can be added by the admin login in the frontend. A new product can be added below the seller option.

3. How can I edit or delete gigs?
Below the seller option in the frontend admin login, there is option available for edit and delete gigs

4. Where can I set Paypal or email?

In the frontend admin login, below the profile option, the settings option is available where the Paypal and email can be set.

5. What does Inbox do?
Inbox is available for receiving all the messages from the user. It has options to view all message or segregate as read, unread, spam, not spam, delete etc

6. Can I suggest new gigs?
User can suggest new gigs using the request products option

7. How to locate a particular gig?
User the search box to locate the particular gig from categorically listed gigs

8. Where can I set gig status?
The gig status can be set as active or suspended by clicking seller option in frontend admin login

9. Can I add video file with gigs?
Video file can be added by choosing the option available below Seller/MyProducts in frontend admin login

10. Where can I track the order?
The order can be tracked with the option available below Buyer/My Shopping in frontend admin login

11. How to manage site Revenue?
Click revenues option in Buyer or Seller to get more details on revenue. The status of payment transaction details like fund available, awaiting clearance, upcoming payments, already withdrawn, pending withdrawal request, total reversed amount etc can be seen

12. How to share the gigs to others?
Click on the share button below each gig to share it with others via facebook and twitter

13. What does dashboard option provide?
Dashboard provides the overall details of the site activities such as transactions, users, products, orders etc

14. How can I manage users on the site?
The users on the site can be managed using the backend admin login. User information can be edited including status information

15. Where can I find order details?
Order details are available below the option 'Products' in backend admin login (settings panel)

16. Can I edit feedback/suggestions?
Feedback and suggestions can be managed using the option available below 'Products' in backend admin login. Suggestions can be blocked/unblocked on the site

17. What is withdrawal fund request?
Withdrawal fund request are placed by the merchants with the admin to claim the sale amount

18. Can I add product category?
Product category can be added using the option available below 'Masters' in backend admin login. Products can be edited or deleted.

19. Where can I add API and secrect key for Facebook?
In backend admin login, click on 'General settings' and select 'Social network settings' option to set values for Facebook

20. Where can I handle payment and mass payment transaction?
Payment details are available below the option 'Diagnostics log' in backend admin login..