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Grabber - Yipit Clone


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Yipit Clone - Grabber

Grabber is one of the best solutions that brings various deals from major sites under one roof. Users can login easily by registering with the site or use the Facebook login. The user can choose the best offers and deals while the site admin can earn their commission. Quality products can be aggregated categorically into the Grabber site.

The site supports secured payment gateways like credit card and paypal. The administrator has full control over the site activities which can be one of the prime reason for the success of Grabber.

Some of the innovative features are :

  • Category-wise and city wise listing of deals
  • Manage fetched deals on the website
  • Sending regular newsletter to subscribers
  • Social media sharing of deals
  • Extra income for each referral made

User can share the deals information on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This can bring fame for the site such that deals can be quickly promoted. The latest information about the deals on the site can be updated with the users through newsletters. The site provides referral program which allows user to refer friends to the site to earn extra income. This can motivate the user to get involved in the site activities. .


Grabber is based on the simple concept of aggregating the group deals from other group buying site. One can easily establish an online business with less efforts. The Grabber is a reliable and contemporary script from the baskets of innovation from Script Replica

Grabber has got robust admin setting panels making it easy for administrators to have full control over the website. The deals are listed categorically. All the deals from one particular region can be aggregated by the site. Grabber is one of the simple and easy to use script which provides a good business that is tension-free.


General features

  • Effective User-Control Panel
  • Multiple Attractive Themes
  • Free Blog Module
  • Easy Affiliate Management
  • Category or Location wise listing of deals
  • Innovative CMS Management
  • Automatic RSS generator
  • Automatic deal update
  • Automated Daily Newsletter along with the SMTP Integration
  • Easy Language Settings
  • Dynamic and easy to understand configuration settings through admin panel
  • Social Media Application and Integration
  • Web analytic tool support
  • API
  • Multiple version of the website
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Automated Newsletter
  • Deal Discussion

  • Admin Features

    • Interactive Dashboard showing the insights about the various active deals, users, archive deals, etc
    • Set default theme for the website

    • Manage Social Media account

    • Manage payment transaction based on status

    • Block and Unblock deals

    • Activate or Deactivate the Categories

    • Define Categories and select images for them

    • Manage the city and country data of deals

    • Set maximum fund request

    • Set values for Social Media pages

    • Manage User's Account

    • Add, Edit and Delete Deals

    • Manage Affiliate Sites

    • Select the language and currency

    • Manage Blogs

    • Manage deal discussion

    • Email and SMS marketing


    Demo Url

    Front End


    Admin back End


    E-Mail: admin@technoduce.com

    Password: admin


    1) How much useful is this Deals Aggregator script?

    The Grabber script helps the user to get the best deals from various website and displays them at a particular place.

    2) What is the basic function of the admin?

    The admin has got various functions like managing city, country, category etc. Users are also managed by admin and options to add deals from affiliate sites.

    3) Are the monetary transaction and payment secure?

    The Grabber website has got secured online platform. So all the monetary transactions are done within minutes and plus they cannot be hacked or encrypted by third-party users.

    4) How are the deals purchased?

    For purchasing the deals, one must be the member of the website. An user can buy the various deals  by getting registered with the website.

    5) Who can block a deal?

    A particular deal can be blocked by the admin. It is the admin who has the authority to block as well as unblock a deal.

    6) How can a category be added?

    The admin is the one who adds the category. It is done by using the option 'Add Category' given in the setting panels.

    7) Can a particular user or product be blocked?

    Yes, it can be done. This particular aspect is done by the admin.

    8) How can the affiliate websites be blocked?

    You can easily block the affiliate websites by going to the Affiliate Management option. This is usually done by the admin.

    9) Can you add Blogs?

    Yes, you can easily add blogs. The admin is the one who does this function and is done by going to the Add Blog option given under the Blog panel.

    10) Is there an option to add new page to a site?
    Yes, new page as well as the About page can be added using the 'CMS management' option given in the setting panel.

    11) Can the language of the website be changed?

    You can change or set the default language under the 'General Settings' option..