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Pinpix - Pinterest Clone


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Pinterest Clone - Pinpix

PinPix is a colorful website with collection of images that relates to one's interest organized in boards. Users can also place likes on other's board or follow the board to get updates. Secret boards restricts on who can view the board. The users will receive regular mails or notification when an event occurs on the site such as someone re-pins your pin, likes your pin, follows your board, comments on your pin, invites you to group board etc. One can also fix the frequency at which the notification has to be send such as 'when they happen' or 'one a day at most'.

Some notable features

  • Pin pictures on board
  • Category-wise listing of board
  • Place likes for photos or video
  • Follow five home feeds
  • Integrate with Facebook and Twitter
  • Followers and following option
  • Increase brand awareness

One can follow five boards in the home feed, but can have unlimited boards and pins. The photos can be uploaded from the terminal or from the web. User can also invite other users to upload images on his board.

The site allows for controlling various settings parameters like search privacy to prevent from displaying in search engines, set language, monitor notifications, social network connections etc. Pinpix allows to find friends from Facebook and Twitter.  .


Pinpix creates an interesting website that allows to bookmark or pin the photos or videos on boards. The favorite photos or pins can be placed on the board categorically. One can hold unlimited number of  interest board. Apart from placing likes on other's pin, one can also re-pin the photos and place them on their board. Users can follow the pins or unfollow them.

The pins that are placed on PinPix site can be shared on Facebook or Twitter. All the pins which you follow appears on the home feed apart from category-wise listing of all boards. You can set the option of who can pin on your board by selecting the email id and inviting them. The board information can be edited or deleted which cannot be able to undo. The cover photo of the boards can be changed..


General features

  • Pin your interest on board
  • Login using Facebook or Twitter account
  • Follow your favorite board or unfollow
  • Create a board
  • Pin the photos on board
  • Pin videos on board
  • Allow repins of photo
  • Search for pins/boards
  • Like the photos/video
  • Share the photos/video
  • Pinned from (Source website) details of the photo
  • Category-wise listing of boards
  • Follow 5 pin boards
  • Manage boards
  • Change cover photo of board
  • Edit board details like name, description, category etc
  • Set rights for who can pin on the board
  • Invite your friends to pin on the board
  • Delete a board
  • Change Cover
  • List pins on the board
  • Know details of likes
  • Details of followers and following
  • Add a pin(photo) by choosing a file from local or web
  • Share about pins on Facebook or Twitter
  • Find friends from Facebook or Twitter
  • Invite a friend to join
  • Create a secret board visible only to you
  • Invite friends who can visit secret board
  • Convert secret board as public boards

Admin Features

  • Manage board categories to add pin
  • Manage edit/delete pins
  • Manage or edit comments
  • Manage account settings
  • Change email or password
  • Set the language
  • Choose gender
  • Set privacy of board viewing
  • Notification settings to receive mail
  • Indicate when someone likes, repins, follows, or Comments
  • Notify when someone joins via social network or invites to group board
  • Fix the frequency for notification
  • Facebook and twitter login settings
  • Option to deactivate account


Demo Url

Front End


E-Mail: testuser@pinpix.com

Password: testuser@123

Admin back End


E-Mail: admin@pinpix.com

Password: admin@123


1. What is a Board?
A board is a place where you can organize your photos and videos.
2. What is a pin?
Pin is nothing but photos and videos that you can organize in a board

3. What is re-pin?
You can click on the photos posted by others and make them re-posted or re-pin on your board.

4. How can I post photos?
Click on add option to include photos under the relevant category. You can choose to add a file from terminal or from the web

5. Can I add videos?
Yes. You can add video files on the board

6. Can I delete board?
You can delete a board by selecting edit option available on each board. This action is permanent and without 'undo' possibility

7. What is secret board?
You can post photos/videos on boards that remains invisible to others. You can limit on who can see your secret board

8. What is home feed?
Home feed displays all the boards that you follow (Maximum 5 boards)

9. What are categories?
The boards are listed categorically such as sports, quotes, products, travel, technology etc

10. Is there any search option?
Yes. You can search the site to find the particular board or photo

11. How can I place a like?
One can place 'like' for photos which increases the photo popularity

12. What is following and followers?
Following are the boards which you follow and followers are the persons who follow or like your board

13. Can I use Facebook and Twitter ID?
Yes. You can login using Facebook and Twitter ID.

14. Can I post the photos I place on board on Facebook?
You can post the photos on the Facebook automatically if you activate the option for 'Link to Timeline' in the settings option

15. How can I add friends?
Using the 'Find friends' option in settings option, you can include friends from Facebook and Twitter

16. Can I set the language for the site?
Yes. You can set the language for the site using the option available in Account settings

17. What is search privacy?
Search privacy prevents or allows the search engine to list the boards. This option is available in account settings.

18. What is notification?
Notification are mails that are sent to the user when someone re-pins your pin, likes your pin, follows your board, comments on your pin, joins from other social networks, and invite you to group board

19. What is digest?
Digest allows to filter or reduce the notification mails such that you receive controlled number of mails

20. What does 'deactivate account' option do?

Deactivate option completely freezes your account