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Trendy - Fancy Clone


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Fancy Clone - Trendy

Trendy is a modern website that allows users to mark favorite products which they can buy later. Users can categorically browse through the product photos and add them into their collection which can be later purchased from the cart. Users can share the product information on social media or they can leave a comment on the product which may be useful for other users to buy valuable products.

The latest trendy products under different categories are listed from which user can either fancy it (mark it in list) or gift it to friends or buy them at best offer. The site provides suggestions for gift. The gifts can also be searched based on the price or color. When the color of the gift is mentioned, then gifts only in that particular color gets displayed. User can also get recommendation from experts to choose a gift. User can refer other friends to the site to earn referral income.

Some notable features:

  • Browse categorically
  • Select gift by choosing price or color
  • Get recommendation from experts
  • Refer friends to earn income
  • Gift to friend
  • Deal offer
  • Shipping facility

Users can follow others product to get updates regarding their favorite product. The number of followers count can increase the brand awareness. The products can be browsed based on brands and stores. Notifications or messages from other users or admin will be received by the user. The user can decide and choose the notification preferences like when he will receive email or notification message such as 'when someone follows you' etc .


Trendy is a fashionable site that allows the user to browse the site and make an album of his/her favorite products which makes it easier for buying and selling. Trendy script provides a unique ecommerce channel which favors the users with shopping. The user can register with the site and browse the products categorically as listed on the site.

The site can be browsed based on brands and stores also. One can provide gift cards to other users such that they use the card to buy products. The site gives guidance for gifting by providing multiple options in various categories. All the products can be searched based on price or color which makes it easy to browse the site to find the favorite product. Trendy allows to create brand awareness.


General features
  • Browse products categorically
  • Post comments on products
  • Share on multiple social media
  • Add product to list
  • Feature on my profile
  • Find products with similar color
  • Fancy the product(add to collection)
  • Followers/Following
  • Invite friends
  • Referral program
  • Search option
  • Gift to a friend
  • Fancy box
  • Gift cards
  • Group gift
  • Expert's gift recommendation
  • Gift based on price
  • Gift based on color

  • List shown to you
  • Manage profile
  • Connect with social media
  • Deactivate my account
  • Set preferences
  • Set privacy on who can see your activity
  • Display fancy'd list
  • Change password
  • Notifications settings
  • Notification email when someone follows you
  • Be informed about friend's activity
  • List of purchased goods
  • List of group gifts
  • List of things you have subscribed for
  • Shipping address
  • Credit summary about earned income
  • Details of referrals
  • Details of gift card received

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Front End


Admin back End


E-Mail: admin@technoduce.com

Password: admin


1. What is Trendy script?
Trendy script allow to browse the photo-filled site to pin their favorite product and also buy them using shopping cart. Users can share views about the product on social media as well as make their own fancy list.

2. How can I find my favorite product?
You can easily locate the products by browsing categorically

3. What is deal option?
You can avail discounts by using the deal option

4. What is the use of brands and stores?
You can use the brands ans stores option to search products based on the company brand and shop which are listed alphabetically

5. Can I gift the products?
Yes. You can gift products by providing gift cards to them. They can use the gift cards to purchase products of their choice.

6. What is gift guides?

Site provides the guidance for you to choose gifts by searching based on price and color.

7. What is notification?
Notifications are messages from admin to notify you about various site activities like when someone follows you, when someone accepts your invitation joins, when someone mentions you etc. You can check or uncheck to activate the option

8. Where can I find my my personal details?
Click on settings option and select profile to change personal details.

9. Can I upload photo?
Yes. You can upload photo in the profile page

10. Can I change the site language?
Yes. You can customize the site language

11. Can I view the details of products I purchased?
Yes. All the details of purchases are listed separately

12. What is shipping detail?
It stores all the shipping address

13. How can I manage social media sites?
Under the profile option, all the social media integrated with the site are displayed. You can either choose to 'on' or 'off'

14. What is referral income?

You can refer or invite friends to join with Trendy site and earn referral income.

15. How can I find a product easily?
You can use category option or you can use the search option to locate products.

16. What is sales option?
The most recent products are displayed under New Sales option

17. What is recommendation?
You can get recommendation for choosing gifts from the experts using this option

18. Can I join the site for business purpose?

You can join with Trendy and enhance your brand name and sales.